Dim Sum Restaurant – Serving South Peninsula & San Jose

Ginger Cafe’s dim sum dishes will entice your taste buds with bold and fresh ingredients and original flavor and textures. We serve a unique and creative variety of delectable dim sum dishes all day, along with other Southeast Asian style Chinese food. We invite you to experience Ginger Cafe’s innovative take on Chinese food dim sum in Sunnyvale and Gilroy. Our Sunnyvale location serves the San Jose and South Peninsula area, and our Gilroy location serves the South San Jose and Morgan Hill area.

Dim sum, a small bite-sized Chinese food, originated in southern China Canton province and is typically linked with the tradition of tea tasting. Over centuries, dim sum has developed to become a staple of upscale Chinese dining culture. Ginger Cafe’s unique Southeast Asian style of Chinese cuisine brings new flavors and enticements to the culinary art form of Chinese food dim sum in Sunnyvale and Gilroy.

Our innovative dim sum dishes include Scallop Puff, a wonton dumpling stuffed with savory potatoes, onions and cheese; Sea Bass Dumpling filled with Chilean Sea Bass, shrimp and pork; Pan Fried Blue Crab Dumplings wrapped with blue crabmeat, vegetables and vermicelli; and much more… You can also enjoy our more traditional Chinese food dim sum plates, like Charsiu Pork Buns, Pan-Fried Leek Dumpling, Ha Gao and Siu Mai. Whichever plates you choose, we strive to ensure you have a memorable dining experience with our Chinese food dim sum in Sunnyvale and Gilroy. See our menus for more details.

Our Ginger Cafe Chinese dim sum restaurant serves San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Altos, Milpitas and the entire South Peninsula area.